Points Kanban Case study

There are times as a freelancer when it looks as if the 5 clients you have been courting for weeks might all work out at the same time and you just don’t have the manpower. For some kinds of jobs, you know plenty of people looking for side projects of even just a few hours a week. What if we had an automated system for dividing up the work and assigning value to all the deliverables that need to be completed.

Thats when I came up with the idea for Points Kanban, a Kanban system like Trello where a project can be divided into cards and points can be awarded for those cards completed. If the project is completed income or ownership will be divided by the number of points held by each contributor.

An MVP would include:

This is my first project with a Node.js/Express backend and a React/Redux front end on a Mongoose database.


No way without constant supervision and management to corral a team of freelancers


If we create an environment that is open and transparent, freelancers will collaborate on projects a little peice at a time.

Beginning Assumptions:

Automate the distribution of work by assigning value to parts to complete and allowing people to choose what they will work on

Follow up problems:

How can you safeguard the amount of money allocated toward a task?

What if the dollar amount of the project shifts over time

What if work isn’t up to standard?